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Having studied French at places ranging from the University of Chicago to the Institut de Français in Villefranche-sur-Mer, I have to say that the French Community of Portland has created a truly distinctive learning environment. It's lively, energizing, intellectually engaging – a place where you cannot fail to learn a lot, improve your French, and simultaneously have a really great time! It's like getting University-level instruction without the stress from two devoted educators who really do care about their students. I take classes from Stéphane and private lessons from both Stéphane and Emma. A great new asset for Portland.

Greg / advanced student


I am lucky to have met Stéphane Tullio.  Stéphane has a gifted teaching intellect and injects humor and personal/practical experience into his intuitive lessons.  Stéphane's life experiences in Paris and in the entertainment world are remarkable. His knowledge of French culture and history is very strong.  I have been taking both private and small (3-5 person) group lessons from Stéphane for the past 2 ½ years. My reading and writing skills have improved beyond what I thought possible.  I continue to work hard on my conversation and presentation skills in a group setting. I am now committed to being a lifelong learner of this beautiful language and remarkable culture, thanks to Stéphane!  

Ron / advanced student


Our kids are taking semi-private lessons from the French Community of Portland. Emma is great with our little one.  Stéphane is engaging and charismatic; our oldest has been studying with him for a year. I suspect at some point our entire family will be studying with the French Community of Portland.

M. W. / parent


Emma worked with my son weekly for the entire school year as we prepared to move to France. She is prompt, reliable, patient, kind, knowledgeable and lots of fun. My son started the school year speaking mostly English in the lessons and by the end of the year mostly speaking French. I highly recommend Emma. The online payment packages are convenient and affordable. 

Hilary / parent


My husband and I are taking semi-private lessons with Emma, and we have taken lessons from Stéphane in the past. Both are excellent teachers. Very personable, patient, and thoughtful about the content and pacing of our lessons.

Sonja S. / low intermediate student


Stéphane and Emma are two of the most passionate and knowledgeable teachers I've met. Their teaching style hits the sweet spot between too hard and too easy that keeps me coming back. Classes are small, highly interactive, fast moving, and immersive. While they bring their areas of interest to the class, they also adapt to serve the interests of the students. After several months of classes I sense my French skills growing substantially. I am better able to think in French.

Edward D. / advanced student


Through F.C.P., I have enjoyed one of the most compelling, talented and genuine instructors of my entire education. French is what I study for the love of learning, and working with Stéphane has enhanced both my français and my desire to question and comprehend more. F.C.P. is so much more than French class; it's nourishment for the soul.

Dixie / advanced student


I have had extremely positive experiences with the French Community of Portland.  

I have enrolled in courses discussing current events and French civilization. These classes were conducted in French and require a good knowledge of spoken and written French.

The instructor has chosen timely topics ranging from Vichy France to feminism in France.   He is extremely well-prepared and provides excellent documentation and class materials. We learn important information which enhances our understanding of contemporary France in addition to improving our speaking, listening, and writing skills in the French language.  

This organization is the “go-to” place for enhancing an American’s appreciation of France.

Terry / advanced student


Emma has excellent pedagogical skills, and she shares her passion and delight in the French language with our toddler daughter. She adjusts her lessons to the personal interests and needs of our daughter and conveys her knowledge in fun and effective ways.
As a speech language pathologist, I wanted to pass the love of language to my daughter. From what I’ve read and studied, 0-3 is a time when kids can develop an ear for languages. When I first started looking for a French tutor willing to work with a 6-month baby, I kept getting the response "come back when she's three," but Emma saw there could be a benefit to sharing the French language young and dedicated her training and skill towards passing on the love of language to our now 15 month daughter. Furthermore, I think it helped our daughter's overall love to interact and communicate. This was unexpected aspect of the tutoring. The high-quality interactions in each session seems to have facilitated our daughter's engagement. Thank you Emma!

Christy M. / parent

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