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Please click on "Description du cours" to read more about the class.

Taught entirely in French, this dynamic and advanced group class meets for two hours a week, for ten weeks.

Class time: Please contact Stéphane, as he is in Germany at the moment and will be holding class over Zoom

Price: $325 per person

Location: Zoom

Please contact us before signing up to verify availability!

In the unfortunate case of low enrollment, the class will not open. We will send your refund by mail.

Click here to pay online

Previous classes:

Psycho-neurologie (Eté-automne 2019)

"Le Bug Humain," de Sébastien Bohler

Histoire (Automne 2018)

La collaboration française avec l'Allemagne nazie

Féminisme (Eté 2018)

Analyse du féminisme contemporain français

Cinéma (Printemps 2018)

Prof: Stéphane

Chroniques européennes de Pauline Kael

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