After completing her studies at SOU, she returned to France in 2014 to teach English in an elementary school for several months. Back in the United States, she gave private classes to adults and taught French in a small charter school in Mt Shasta, before moving to Portland to work at the Alliance Française. After a variety of experiences and working with students of all ages, she decided to continue teaching in a new environment.


She loves helping her students and creating a connection with them while giving them the tools they need to communicate. French isn’t just about the grammar: it’s also a language that is learned in a dynamic way. For her, giving a French lesson means learning about her students to then create relationships with them.

She has taught French in Portland since January 2017.

She also has two resources blog: French Stuff I Found on the Internet and FCPDX Kids



Pearl was born in Los Angeles to a French family and easily navigates between life in France and in the US.  While in France, Pearl enjoys the relaxation of paddle boarding in Corsica, sniffing the oak lined pathways of the Fôret of Tronçais, and wandering the streets of Paris.


Interacting with students, and the treats they will most certainly offer, is Pearl’s true passion.  The most sought after member of the team, this sweet and spirited Yorkipoo is always available for French conversation while exploring the sights and smells of Portland. Pearl’s “joie de vivre” is contagious.


The Team

After working at the Alliance Française of Portland, we decided to create a community in line with our vision of human relationships, the discovery of French culture, and the practice of learning French.

Stéphane Tullio

Director / Teacher

Classes: Advanced, intermediate, private and semi-private, older children

Stéphane has a deep respect and a great admiration for all of the students with whom he has the privilege to work. To learn and to express yourself in a foreign language is one of the most beautiful but also most difficult things there is. He is very sensitive to this effort, and for this reason, he always gives 100% of himself. Using current teaching methods and experiential learning, he infuses each class with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, and his students appreciate his devotion and care to teaching. While remaining serious and focused on the task of language learning, he injects a remarkable level of camaraderie and fun in each and every class session.  

Stéphane Tullio

Parisian by birth, Stéphane grew up in a distinctive  intellectual and cultural environment created by his father, a photojournalist for Paris Match, and his mother, an actress who has worked with Claude Lelouch and Jacques Brel, among many others. More so than his studies in literature and philosophy at the Sorbonne, it was in the sidewalk cafés of the 8th arrondissement, in the bars of the Marais, and during long dinners (culinary arts and gastronomy are very important to him) with family and friends that he learned and internalized the Parisian values of intellectual rigor and cosmopolitanism.

After honing his skills in communication while working in advertising for Publicis, Stéphane devoted himself fully to the humanities:  philosophy; history; religious studies; pop-culture; and writing.  Author of a novel, Vegas, he also wrote a feature film, LA Generation, and directed two short films with his brother, Jesus is Back (and he is not happy), as well as K Citizen, which was shown at the Cannes film festival in 2010.


He has taught French in Portland since May 2016.

Emma Johansson


Classes: 101 (beginner),  110 (intermediate), private and semi-private, children (all ages)

Born in Holland and raised in France by an American mother and a Swedish father, Emma has spoken French and English since she was two years old. Being totally immersed in the two languages–English at home and French outside the home–allows her to perfectly navigate between both cultures.


In order to be closer to her mother’s family, she moved to California in 2005. She started helping others learn French while working in the foreign language lab at Southern Oregon University, and discovered her love of teaching in 2012. She loves seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they understand a concept and overcome their difficulties with this language that is beautiful but has its complications.


Stéphane talks about the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral

KGW News, April 16th, 2019