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Intermediate group class - 201

Intermediate 201

Time: Thursday evening, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Dates: Thursday, January 6th - Thursday, March 10th

Number of spots open: Full

Price: $325 per adult

Please contact us before signing up to verify availability!

Location: Zoom

The class format: We always start with the date, the time, the weather, and other routine activities. Then we proceed to the main part of the lesson, whether that is grammar, a cultural activity, or other important ideas. We finish with discussing various topics, including "what magical creature would you like to be turned into?" "what chore do you hate doing?" and "what would you like to get for Christmas?"

Speaking between students is emphasized.

Topics previously covered in the 110 level: the focus of the class has shifted towards talking entirely in French, where students practice asking each other and answering questions on the spot, as well as reviewing numbers and various vocabulary topics, editing a short story every week, a review of the major tenses (présentconditionnel, futur proche, futur simple, and the imparfait), French humor, and slang and everyday expressions.  

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