2021 Calendar

Winter semester: January 11th - March 20th

(Please contact us to verify availability. For class levels 101, 105, 107, the ideal number of students is 5, but thanks to Zoom, we are accepting more!)

Please note: Our format has changed, as we are unable to host groups in person.

Please e-mail us here for more information.


Group classes meet once a week for two hours, over the course of ten weeks. There is a two week pause between each semester, for the 101, 105, and 107 levels. Please scroll down to see the dates for entire year.

Beginner 101

Not offered Winter 2021, we apologize


Time: Thursday morning, 8:45-10:45

Dates: January 14th - March 18th

Prof: Emma

Beginner 105


Time: Wednesday morning, 9:30am -11:30am

Dates: January 13th - March 17th

Prof: Emma

Beginner 107


Time: Thursday evening, 6pm - 8pm

Dates: January 14th - March 18th

Prof: Emma

Intermediate - (number of spots open TBD)


Time: TBD

Dates: TBD

Prof: Stéphane

Avancé - (number of spots open TBD) 


Time: TBD

Dates: TBD

Prof: Stéphane

While group classes adhere to a 10-week schedule, we offer private and semi-private classes at all times.

2021 Calendar:

Winter: January 11th - March 20th

Spring: April 5th - June 12th

Summer: June 28th - September 4th

Fall: September 20th - December 4th

Please note: We sometimes extend the semesters by one week in case of unexpected absences.

French classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students

Private French lessons for adults and children 

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