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Beginner group class: 101

Winter 2022 - starting January 3rd

Please note: Our format has changed, as we are unable to host groups in person. Beginner (101) students will now be working in a group on Zoom, two hours a week, for ten weeks.

Please e-mail us here for more information.

Beginner 101

Time: Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm

Dates: Tuesday, January 3rd - Tuesday, March 8th

Number of spots open: Full

Price: $325 per adult

Please contact us before signing up to verify availability!

Location: Zoom


This beginner class will cover a range of vocabulary, grammar, and real life situations.

It is perfect for those wanting an introduction to French, or a refresher of the fundamentals. 

Subjects covered: talking about your weekend, useful words and sentences for class, time, weather, talking about yourself and family, physical descriptions, numbers, and food.

Tenses, grammar, and pronunciation: the futur proche and the passé composé, partitives ("some"), the French R and nasal vowels.

Speaking will be emphasized!

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