High-beginner group class - 108

Beginner 108

Time: Thursday evening, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Dates: Thursday, April 8th - Thursday, June 11th

Number of spots open: Full

Prof: Emma

Price: $325 per adult

Please contact us before signing up to verify availability!

Location: Zoom

The class format: We always start with the date, the time, the weather, and other routine activities (such as 2 Truths and 1 Lie, or a crossword for each letter of the alphabet). Then we proceed to the main part of the lesson, whether that is grammar, a cultural activity, or other important ideas. We finish with discussing what you will do over the upcoming weekend.

Speaking between students is emphasized.

In the 107 class, students wrote a short story each week using assigned vocabulary. This will continue. The 108 class will shift from grammar to more cultural activities.

Topics previously covered in 107: a review of self-introductions (age, job, nationality etc), changing vous sentences to the tu format, tongue twisters, parts of the house + furniture + draw a map of your house, irregular verb conjugations in the present, ordinal numbers, negation, cultural activities for Valentine's Day and Saint Patrick's Day, some French humor, games (Scattergories + mad libs)

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